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The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook by Maggie Green

A dear friend and tireless advocate (and editor) for JOY, Maggie Green is a kitchen warrior woman. Her first cookbook, The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook, is a really wonderful, reliable kitchen workhorse. Her recipes are solid, meaning that they will work every time. They're also flexible enough to allow for experimentation. I've used her basic buttermilk sheet cake several times already with significant alterations, and not only did it turn out beautifully every time, but it was delightfully unfussy, something lacking in many current cookbooks.
While most of Maggie's recipes are simple, don't mistake them for frumpy dishes. There are some true show-stoppers--the Fresh Strawberries with Vanilla Bourbon Zabaglione is truly magnificent, beautiful, and scrumptious. Her wholly homemade Chicken Pie is a gem of a classic recipe. The Kentucky Cornbread Strata is the perfect weekend brunch dish.
What's more, her recipes are organized by month, featuring seasonal produce with a Kentucky-centric mentality. But this book is not just for Kentuckians. Anyone with a love of delicious, unfussy, wholesome food will benefit from this cookbook. I also have to say that this book is a refreshing example of moderation. As a registered dietician, Maggie understands not only the importance of whole foods, but also that pleasure and the occasional indulgence are part of a balanced diet and a healthy mentality. This book invites you to gather your family around the table and enjoy the pleasures and benefits of home-cooked meals. We highly recommend it.