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Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary Edition

This most recent edition of JOY has its roots in the bestselling JOY of all time--the 1975 edition. The 75th Anniversary Edition retains the classic voice of JOY and many of your favorite heirloom recipes while branching out into ingredients, topics, and recipes helpful to the modern cook. A greatly-improved, user-friendly index will guide you in finding old and new classics alike. New illustrations by John Norton accompany JOY's always-friendly, always-helpful teach text, clarifying the subject matter even further. For fans of JOY, this edition is a must.

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New Features:

Expanded ethnic recipe selection
30-minute meals
Cook for a day, eat for a week
Expanded Know Your Ingredients chapter
Restored Brunch, Lunch, and Supper chapter; Frozen Desserts chapter; and Jellies, and Preserves chapter
Grains Cooking Chart