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The Joy of Cooking is the quintessential American cookbook. Or as the New York Times says, “The most popular cookbook in America." Now, it’s been retooled, re-thought, and re-imagined.

Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary Edition

This most recent edition of JOY has its roots in the bestselling JOY of all time--the 1975 edition. The 75th Anniversary Edition retains the classic voice of JOY and many of your favorite heirloom recipes while branching out into ingredients, topics, and recipes helpful to the modern cook. A greatly-improved, user-friendly index will guide you in finding old and new classics alike. New illustrations by John Norton accompany JOY's always-friendly, always-helpful teach text, clarifying the subject matter even further. For fans of JOY, this edition is a must.

The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook by Maggie Green

A dear friend and tireless advocate (and editor) for JOY, Maggie Green is a kitchen warrior woman. Her first cookbook, The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook, is a really wonderful, reliable kitchen workhorse. Her recipes are solid, meaning that they will work every time. They're also flexible enough to allow for experimentation. I've used her basic buttermilk sheet cake several times already with significant alterations, and not only did it turn out beautifully every time, but it was delightfully unfussy, something lacking in many current cookbooks.

Featured Book: A Year of Pies

Pie is one of those nearly universally loved dishes. It's beautiful, delicious, and incredibly versatile. However, you would think that after a few centuries of tweaking this quintessentially American food, there wouldn't be a whole lot left to say about it. Ashley English not only proves this wrong, but she manages to make us look at pie in a new light. From the decadent Chocolate, Coffee, and Orange Marmalade Tart to the veritably heart-warming Curried Winter Vegetable Pie, English sparks the impetus to dust off the old pastry blender and 9-inch pie pan and make something delicious. 

Joy of Cooking: All About Series

The All About  series of cookbooks provides a new way of looking at the classic Joy of Cooking. These books detail topics of interest, from canning and preserving to soups and stews, providing classic JOY recipes and reference material as well as beautiful new photos of finished dishes and helpful instructional photography. You will find many of your favorite recipes in a new, highly readable format. These books serve as an extension of the 1997 edition, and some of the recipes included in this series can only be found here.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas and cookies are inseparable. The mere mention of baking cookies conjures up memories not just of tantalizing aromas and great tastes but of warm kitchens and good times with family and friends. Joy of Cooking Christmas Cookies brings together in a single volume 75 indispensable cookie recipes and more than 25 recipes for holiday extras. That's more than 100 recipes, half of which are brand new.

Bakewise by Shirley Corriher

We adore Bakewise for the same reasons we adore Cookwise: completely reliable, delicious recipes. From the humble chocolate chip cookie to the elegant Gâteau Opéra, Shirley guides you through the steps to perfection with her always friendly, approachable voice. A must-have for bakers, this book will never fail you.

Cookwise by Shirley Corriher

Shirley is a true charmer. Rarely does a chemist also manage to be an engaging presence in the home kitchen, but Shirley does this with grace. In contrast to many recipes by modern, "scientific" chefs, Shirley Corriher still crafts recipes that home cooks can use but that are rooted in scientific theory. In essence, Shirley takes the guesswork out of cooking and gives you recipes that will work every time.

On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee

If you've listened to the rumblings in the food world over the past decade, you've probably heard of this book. And with good reason. Harold McGee is the godfather of looking at food through a scientific lens (and he's wonderfully humble--he repudiates the term "molecular gastronomy"). On Food and Cooking is his chef d'oeuvre. If you've ever asked yourself why pasta causes water to boil over or how gluten works, this book will tell you. In fact, there are few things about food that this book does not discuss at length, and artfully.