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This one's kind of a no-brainer: adding chocolate to chess pie filling is absolutely delicious. Rarely does a dessert with such a down-home rep as chess pie feel elegant and refined. For whatever reason, this pie effortlessly conjures up those adjectives with its satisfying texture, which reminds us of a pleasantly-dense chocolate pudding or chocolate custard.

Thanksgiving is over a month away. Chill out, y'all.

There’s a lot of fuss in the food and wine community about flavor pairings, and even a “science” to it, if you feel like you need a scientific reason for something to taste good. Those of us who love cooking for the sake of cooking and eating because we need to do it anyway so it might as well taste good, the amount of attention given to flavor pairings can seem a little silly.

One of the aspects of cooking that I like the best is the challenge of using everything. Much is made of chefs who turn radish tops into elegant appetizers or make pickles out of chard stems. But really, any chef worth her salt is always looking for ways to prevent food waste. Any food that comes in the door was paid for. Any food that is thrown away is like throwing cash into the garbage.

I'll be the first to admit to having mixed feelings about late summer. On the one hand, hot weather is my nemesis. Anything above 90 degrees turns me into a wilted lettuce leaf. On the other hand, late summer is a glorious time of long days, superb golden light, and ripe, ripe tomatoes and peaches.


Our love affair with Oregon berries continues!

This past summer, Amy Guittard, part of the fifth generation of the Guittard family to run Guittard Chocolate, contacted us via Instagram. She wanted to send us a big box of chocolate. Not being the type to decline chocolate, I gave her our address. A couple weeks later, a box arrived on our doorstep.

At the risk of repeating myself, this post is about authenticity and deliciousness. I know I’ve talked about this before--about being from the South and eating cornbread; how my mother’s cornbread is very different from my grandmother’s cornbread, and how my grandmother’s cornbread is very different from my other grandmother’s cornbread.

A couple weeks ago, I worked my last day at the restaurant. It was a very bittersweet decision for me, especially as I had grown close to most of my coworkers.