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"Dec 25--Cloudy and thawy--very muddy--Christmas day--good many drunken ones around town & some few arrests for drunk & disorderly--got up 12--read paper--went down to Charley Ockel's [saloon] & got some egg-nog."
                                    --Alf Doten, 1866, as quoted in Imbibe! by David Wondrich

As a child, I never understood quite what my grandmother meant when she said that time goes by so quickly. Children are chronically impatient, and I was no different. I was always in a hurry to go somewhere. I craved new experiences like the body craves water or food. It was an elemental desire. Visceral.

Puff pastry is perhaps the holy grail of baking. It takes practice, patience, and time. I completely and totally understand why most people just buy it frozen. Making puff pastry at home, especially if you're strapped for counter space, is a little bit much.

There are two clear, stackable plastic bins on the top shelf of my refrigerator. Our refrigerator is mostly a war zone where condiments, pickles, and a half gallon jar of sauerkraut vie for space with half-empty bottles of wine, containers of leftover chicken soup, and a truly irresponsible amount of jam and butter.

“What to do with Leftover Turkey?”

As an omnivorous member of the food community, I feel that I have a confession to make. I am an ex-vegetarian.

I know a lot of people who used to be vegetarians, and even though we've all more or less come to terms with meat-eating for various reasons, many of us still feel very conflicted about meat.

Happy Thanksgiving week, folks! Before we sign off to enjoy our own Thanksgiving holiday, here's a list of Joy Kitchen recipes that may help you in your preparations. Godspeed!


Last week, a friend who runs an ice cream-related business hired me to help him with a catering event. He was in charge of the dessert course for a charity event, the attendees of which numbered around 270. He's the ice cream guru; I was brought on for my experience doing private parties and plating more desserts than seems reasonable.

One of the small mercies of life is that February only has 28 days. I know there are real reasons for it, involving Romans and lunar calendars and such, but I like to think of it as a small blessing--the fact that cold, gray February is just a little shorter.


Joy of Cooking App for iPad and iPhone

After three years of collaborative effort with our friends at Culinate and Scribner, it is our pleasure to introduce the Joy of Cooking for iPad and iPhone! Please check out this full-featured, digital version of the 2006 edition. In addition to the recipes and indispensable reference information our readers know and love, the app has many features that are brand new to JOY:

  • Built-in recipe timers (you can have multiple timers going simultaneously)
  • Search for and filter recipes by key word, ingredient, cuisine, season, technique, diet, and more
  • Create shopping lists from within the app
  • Convert any recipe to metric automatically
  • Give voice commands or have recipe steps spoken to you
  • Create menus in the app
  • Share recipes from within the app
  • Color photography

Truly a JOY for the 21st century! Download by directing your browser to Don't forget to review the app!