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The fact that I haven't yet posted a recipe for apple pie is somewhat scandalous. I realize this and have taken great pains to make it right. It is, after all, one of our quintessential American foodstuffs that also happens to be a hallmark of autumn.

In theory, you can make anything you like for Thanksgiving. Of course, there are things you have to have--turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie--but you can fill in the blanks with a wide variety of dishes that will perhaps enliven the table and serve as a gustatory delight to your guests.

My family's Thanksgiving is less of a dinner than a potluck. We're a numerous clan, so no one bothers making the turkey the centerpiece of the table--one turkey wouldn't begin to be enough. So, while there is usually a turkey, there is also pot roast and chicken casserole and ham among other fine things to eat.

I feel like pumpkin pie so often gets the "ho-hum" treatment. The frozen-pie-crust-can-of-evaporated-milk treatment. This is also known as the I Don't Care treatment. Not cool, I say.

Let's not pretend that Thanksgiving isn't a carb-fest. Between the mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and legions of pies, you're probably not going to get away with keeping your paleo diet. Well, you might but I'm certainly not.

I am a devout lover of bread. In France, when I lived on the same block as a nice little boulangerie, I would often wake up in the early morning hours to the smell of bread baking. No matter how early I woke, it seemed the bakers had been up earlier, and the doors of that bright little bakery opened at 7 a.m..

I was pretty sure Oregon couldn't get any more awesome. I mean, between its vast evergreen forests, its stunning coastline, its wonderful people, and its near-perfect produce, can you really expect more? But this place keeps surprising me.

If we've learned anything from the past several years of blogging, it's that you like dessert. You like banana bread and cupcakes and fudgesicles. And yet here we are again, giving you recipes for root vegetables and winter squash, knowing full well that you're all waiting for the next installment of apple pie or chocolate pudding.

We just took our winter clothes out of storage, and our apartment looks like it exploded. This is unsettling, mostly because I don't work well in messy environs. It's like having a persistent itch somewhere you can't scratch. This is also unsettling because I feel like we just got the place fairly organized and have taken a step backwards.


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