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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Primer
Good Luck!


Jack Almy's picture

In the pictures showing on to carve a turkey you show cutting the breast from the bird in one piece then cutting slices afterwards, but in the picture you are sowing the legs and wings still on the bird. Does the legs and wings come off before cutting the entire breast off?
john's picture

Hello Jack. There might have been some mix-up with the slideshow images. In answer to your question, removing the legs first is up to you, but getting the wings out of the way will make your job much easier. Just slide the knife between the breast bone and breast and take turns cutting and gently prying the breast away from the carcass. Good luck today and happy Thanksgiving!

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Pulse in a food processor until finely ground:
           Cheese scraps, rinds removed, any hard cheeses grated
Add as desired:
           Garlic (raw or...