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Joy of Cooking Snickerdoodles

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Is it possible that the Snickerdoodles recipe in the 75th Anniversary Joy of Cooking has a mistake? We have made it the last two years at Christmas and both times the cookies turned out very flat, overbrowned, and a little greasy. My suspicion is that instead of 2 sticks of butter there should only be 1 stick. Have any other ideas?

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It does sound as if 2 sticks of butter might be the problem, or perhaps there should be more flour. John and I have not tested the Snickerdoodle recipe yet, but we'll expedite it and let you know. Just for the record, all the recipes in the 2006 edition were tested by a professional test kitchen, but we have found that, frequently, persistent problems with recipes are due to errors in oversight or bureaucracy--i.e. the test kitchen would find a problem and report it, but the findings would be lost or overlooked along the way.
This is why we (the family) have decided to test all the recipes ourselves for the next edition.

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I just tested the Snickerdoodle recipe, and I agree--they were too flat. Not that I'm an expert on the Snickerdoodle, but they should be a bit thicker and more substantial. Mine were not greasy (I find that if I let my butter get too soft, my cookies turn out greasy--15 minutes at room temp softens butter enough to beat it), but the recipe definitely needs some work. I'm going to do another test today and add more flour, as it seems the flour to butter ratio is off. I'll keep you updated!

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Sorry it's taking so long to tweak this recipe. I did another test and used 2 3/4 cups flour--the cookies turned out much better. I'm going to do one final test with 3 cups flour just to make sure we've got the quantity on the nose.

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awaiting interested in this too

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2 3/4 cups flour is the measurement you want. There's just not enough flour in the original recipe, and so the cookies come out greasy and flat. I'm submitting this error to the publisher for our next printing.

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Thanks for correcting this recipe - it's a favorite.

I need to purchase multiple copies of the Joy of Cooking for a novice cooking class. How can I be sure to get the latest printing? Neither Amazon nor Barnes and Noble give this information on their website. I went into a local store and the only volume they had didn't list any printings.

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Maire, Unfortunately, there's no way to tell which printing you're getting. We're currently on our 12th printing of the 2006 edition. My best advice would be to buy the book from a place with a fast turnover rate, such as a big bookstore or Amazon. In all likelihood, they will have the latest printing. I know this isn't the best answer, but it's all I know to tell you. We do have an errata on the site: ( ), but it has not been updated recently. Thanks for reminding us, though! We'll start working on updating the errata so our users can reference that. Hope this helps! Sorry I couldn't give you a more concrete answer.

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Here, use this Totonto Star recipe it's absolutely perfect and totally addictive.

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So Bummed! I made the Snickerdoodle recipe for Christmas gifts, not knowing about the printing error - and just had to throw out the whole batch :(

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Amy, I'm so sorry to hear that! We have made the correction in the print book, but it would only be in more recent printings. Unfortunately, this is one of the limitations of print books. I hate that you had to throw out the whole batch! Our sincerest regrets and apologies.

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Happy to have stumbled on this forum, as my first attempt at snickerdoodles (on Christmas Eve!) turned out flat as pancakes. I might also have over-creamed the butter and sugar (powerful hand-mixer, another story). People are eating them anyway, but I was expecting fluffiness, like the ones my brother makes. Next time I'll go with more flour.

Meg, that is very cool that you're testing the recipes yourselves. Joy of Cooking is like the kitchen bible in my house. My husband and I each had our own copies when we met (different editions). We have kept previous editions, not to lose the old recipes! fwiw, Binding on the newer one (2006, I guess) is not very good, and I miss the TWO red ribbons, that let you easily flip between - say, the pie crust page and the pie filling page. I love that the family is still involved: Joy of Cooking is an institution!

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I'm glad you found this forum too! The flour edit should make all the difference. We are always so happy to hear that people love the book. We do not take it lightly! We're trying to do what we can to carry on Irma and Marion's legacy while keeping the book relatively up to date. It's a fine balance for sure.

We hear you on the binding and the ribbons. We've actually pestered our publisher many times about the ribbons, but they don't seem moved. Darn bean counters ;)! We would LOVE to bring back two ribbons for exactly the reason you stated in your comment. We'll keep trying. Thanks for commenting! I hope your next snickerdoodle experience is much better.

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