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Some Things My Chickens Have Taught Me

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Your first efforts at a taxing task may prove substandard or, at the least, a bit unusual. It's okay--think of it as a test run.

Just because you have wings doesn't mean you can fly, but you can still use your wings to help you get places.

The best pickings (or peckings, perhaps?) can be found early in the morning.

Just ignore the roosters. They'll stop crowing eventually.

Even if there isn't always strength in numbers, some comfort can be found among friends at least.

Ideas are a little like eggs. We have them fairly regularly, if not every day. We can enjoy them now or try to see them through to fruition. Either way, something of value was created.

Oh, and about not counting those eggs before they hatch? Go ahead and count them, but be realistic.


Work hard, but take a moment to stand back and watch every now and again.

The smallest things are often the most beautiful. You just have to look a little closer to see them.

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