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William Rubel

Several years ago, William came to Cincinnati to speak to the cookbook collectors group about his book The Magic of Fire. It was our pleasure to meet him and experience his enthusiasm and love of all things food and cooking. He presented his book to us as a gift, and with that a seed was planted for new material in the 2006 anniversary edition: hearth cooking.


William Rubel, an author and cook specializing in traditional cooking methods, has wide-ranging culinary interest. These include hearth cooking, bread baking, homemade alcohol, cuisines that use insects and wild greens, and the milk-, meat-, and blood-based foods of African nomads.

William is also passionate about wild mushrooms, traveling the world to learn about mushroom cookery. He is knowledgeable about heritage turkeys and how to roast them, as well as bread, which is the topic of his most current book, Bread: A Global History.

William lives in Santa Cruz, California, with his wife, Sonia, and their daughter. He often cooks meals in his fireplace or bread oven. An avid gardener, William grows most of his own vegetables.

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