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Welcome to the Joy Kitchen

Who We Are

We are John, Megan, and Maggie. We three are responsible for posting on the site, maintaining it, answering your emails and letters, and working on the book as a whole. We test recipes, make corrections, take on side projects related to JOY, and are generally at the beck and call of the oldest family-owned and run all-purpose cookbook in American history. We're optimistic, motivated, and passionate, and we love what we do.

We want you to know that there are people behind JOY. When you pick up a copy of the Joy of Cooking, you might, in your mind, lump it together with the Betty Crocker cookbooks or Better Homes and Gardens. There's nothing wrong with those cookbooks, mind you. We have them in our own library. But the JOY is unique in American cookery in that it remains a family-run institution. From the first printing by Irma in 1931 to the most recent in 2006, the Becker family oversees and is actively involved in everything that JOY takes part in.

We don't have interns or a paid staff. We don't have an agent or a publicist. We do our own food photography. When I refer to our "test kitchen" I'm talking about our home kitchen. We want to test our recipes in a similar environment to what you, our readers and fans, will be cooking our recipes in. This not only ensures that you will be able to replicate our results, but it also means that we take into consideration how many pans it takes to make a specific dish, how many different stores we have to go to in order to find the ingredients for a recipe, and how expensive a recipe is to make.

The Site

Many of you have expressed some confusion about the contents of the site. First off, yes, this is the official website of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. However, the content of the site does not mirror the content of the book. If you're looking for Poached Eggs Blackstone or Golden Glow Salad, you'll have to go to the book for those.

There are a couple reasons for this disparity. One, we are a small family business. Just as other cookbook authors do not give away the content of their books, neither do we. We simply cannot afford to. In order to bring you the highest quality recipes, the best reference information, and consistently reliable content, we need the income from the book to do so. There are serious expenses that we incur to maintain and improve the book and this site. Free or cheap content often means substandard content, and we always strive for excellence.

Two, the website is intended, as are many food blogs, to supplement and expand on the book's content. We do feature some JOY recipes on this site, but we also want to bring you the latest exciting dishes from our home kitchen. This is why you may not find Parker House Rolls, but you will find kale salad.

Having said that, if there's a JOY recipe you'd really like to see on the site, please don't hesitate to let us know about it. We keep a running list of requests, and while it may take us a while to get to them, we do keep them in mind.


The front page is dedicated to the most recent article. The filmstrip at the top of the page will show you the two dozen or so most recent blogs. Use the arrows at the left or right of the filmstrip to navigate those photos. Click on the photos to navigate to any blog that strikes your fancy.

You may use the search box at the top right corner of the home page to find recipes. You will have the best luck searching for specific ingredients--for instance, raspberries or shrimp. You will also have some degree of luck if you search for meal type--for instance, breakfast or dessert. However, do not use multiple search terms at once in this box.

A more comprehensive search tool can be found on the Recipes page. Enter the specific ingredient you're looking for, and then choose a meal type and season if you like. This will help narrow your search.

If you have a question about food, cooking, cookbooks, etc., please visit the Community page to ask all JOY site users your questions. Commenting and posting on the forums is most effective if you are a site member. That way, when someone comments on your post, you will receive notification in your inbox.


We want to promote a friendly, positive atmosphere on the site. With that in mind, any comments that are negative, inflammatory, profane, or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted from the site. If an individual persists in leaving inappropriate comments, they will be banned from commenting on our site in the future.

The Joy Kitchen does not endorse products nor do we host advertising on our site. We feel that, to remain a reputable source of information, it is imprudent for us to accept money for product endorsements. So we don't. If we ever talk about a product or a brand on this site, you'll know that we really, really like it and that we weren't paid to say nice things about it. In that spirit, we ask that you do not use our website as a billboard for your site. When you comment at The Joy Kitchen, you will have an opportunity to enter the url for your website. Your alias will become a link, and any visitor to our site can click it. Do not post comments that say, "Visit my site!" or "Check out my awesome blog!" These comments will be treated as spam.

Undergoing Constant Improvement

Think of the Joy of Cooking as a very large boat. Not large enough to warrant a swimming pool on deck, but pretty big. There's always a lot going on, and you can't turn the thing on a dime. To be such a large craft, there are very few people responsible for keeping up with everything. As such, we ask for your patience with us as we work to constantly improve and expand the site. Please send us an email if you have questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to hear from you.


Please be aware that there have been 13 printings of the 2006 edition since it was published. Each printing contains corrections made to the text. Therefore, there have been hundreds of small to significant corrections made to the book since 2006. If you have an older printing (i.e. if you purchased your copy of the 2006 edition around the year 2006), please refer to the errata and update your book accordingly. If you have an older edition of JOY, awesome! Nonetheless, we encourage you to purchase the newest edition due to changes made over the years regarding food safety. The canning and preserving chapters are particular instances of this. What's more, due to time constraints and necessity, we are unable to test and update older editions of the book, therefore, any mistakes in older editions will not be corrected.