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Susan Becker

January 14, 1950-

2006 edition

editor, co-author, writer, videographer,

cartoonist, graphic artist, sculptor, 

dog owner, life coach

Since Susan became a member of the JOY family, she has been an indispensible advocate for the book and an editorial authority on JOY’s past and present. The 75th Anniversary Edition of JOY would be a starkly-different (and lesser) kitchen reference tool without Susan’s guidance, vision, and tenacity.

Born and raised in Maryville, Tennessee, Susan is an accomplished visual artist and writer with extensive experience in graphic design, advertising, and marketing. From 1983 to 1990, Susan created and published Pibbles (renamed Heartlings), a cartoon geared primarily toward young adults that helps readers ideate, understand, and express simple feelings. To the same end, she has taught journal-keeping workshops across the Southeast.

Susan is the recipient of numerous awards for her advertising and public relations campaigns, television commercials, and videos. In 1996, she was awarded the prestigious Silver Telly for Television Campaign, and the Bronze Telly for Promotional Video. In 1985, Susan was chosen by Yoko Ono to work as Creative Director and Editor to design the John Lennon greeting cards, Imagine, and later, Dream Series, a line of Yoko’s cards.

In 1999, Susan began to plan the revision of the all-time bestselling JOY--the 1975 edition--for the 75th Anniversary Edition (published in 2006).  She worked as an editor, writer, and art director on this bestselling edition. During this period Susan was also inspired by her experiences raising a deaf Boston Terrier to write Living With A Deaf Dog, a book that shares experiences, advice and facts about communicating with and training a deaf dog.  The first of its kind, Living With A Deaf Dog continues to be an excellent resource for owners of deaf dogs.

More recently, Susan’s medium of choice has been wire and found objects. With these, she creates sculptures that she calls Time Webs. These scupltures can be found in homes across the country as well as The Mayerson Foundation Art Collection in Cincinnati, an exhibit featuring the work of some of the masters of modern art.

She lives in East Tennessee with Ethan at Half Moon Ridge. They have two grown sons, David Cope and John Becker.