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Rombauer Vineyards


Where the Joy of Wine meets the Joy of Cooking

After flying F-86 Sabrejets over the skies of Korea and a lucrative career with the now-defunct Braniff Airlines, our good friend and cousin Koerner Rombauer retired with his wife to the picturesque hills surrounding St. Helena, deep in California's Napa Valley region, to raise their family. Koerner, and the vineyard he has continued to build--with the help of his son, KR, daughter, Sheana, and lovely wife Sandy-- has had an incalcuably positive influence on Napa Valley's rise as one of the world's premiere wine-growing regions.

Rombauer has produced some of the best vintages Napa has offered the world since 1978. We are devoted fans to all of his wines, but most especially the outstanding Joan's Vineyard Zinfandels, buttery Carneros Chardonnays, and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons Rombauer continues to delight its devoted fans with each year.

Koerner, nephew to our Irma, comes from a long line of winemakers who can be traced back to the famous Rheingau growing region in Germany. The Rombauer family's intense focus on quality winemaking is a welcome complement to our side of the family's obsession with food and all that goes on in the kitchen, and the joy we all reap from a life spent around the table with those we love.

Please, if you are ever making your way down Silverado Trail between Callistoga and St. Helena and find yourself in desperate need of beautiful surroundings, a friendly and well-informed tasting room staff, and perhaps a glimpse of the winery's big brown dog, Buck, please do yourself a favor and stop by their hilltop winery.

If you cannot find the time, please visit their website, say hi on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.