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JOY back on the best seller list!

One year after publication of the stellar 75th Anniversary edition, the Joy of Cooking makes it back to the New York Times Best Seller list. Join us as we celebrate this achievement, and congratulate JOY on this and other accolades:

"The Joy of Cooking has always been a very important book. It should continue to be a staple in any good...

Christopher Kimball Reviews the Joy of Cooking

"Great cookbooks are not just collections of interesting recipes. They are, first and foremost, books that tell a story, the story of how people lived and cooked at a particular point in time. They reveal, to borrow an expression from James Beard, their delights and prejudices, their view of the social order, their...

Praise from matt and ted lee

"In our kitchen, Joy of Cooking is a tool as indispensable as the chef's knife, the scale, the whisk. We actually own two copies--a shelf-copy for reading, and one whose sauce-splattered, dog-eared pages bear witness to just how much joy we get from Joy." " --Matt Lee and Ted Lee, authors of The...

Cindy pawlcyn on the joy of cooking

"I have purchased Joy of Cooking for all my restaurant libraries as well as my own. The recipes always work--always--and the informational chapters are accurate, to the point, and incredibly helpful--couldn’t live with out it!!" --Cindy Pawlcyn, author of Big Small Plates