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John Becker and Megan Scott

John Becker, son of Ethan and Joan, grew up surrounded by the natural - and gastronomical - splendor of the Pacific Northwest. Spending his childhood between Portland, Oregon and Cockaigne in Cincinnati, John acquired a taste for a range of cooking styles. He learned about the unobtrusive manipulation of high-quality ingredients from his father, and his mother gave him a fearless attitude toward ethnic foods and spice.

After earning a degree obsessing over the writings of Irish Modernist James Joyce, John helped his great friend and mentor Dr. Blake Hobby publish seventeen collections of literary essays on a wide range of topics and themes.  John has now turned exclusively to matters culinary, ensuring that JOY will continue to meet the high standards expected by its readership. Currently, John is leading JOY through its next phase: bringing the book into the digital age. 

In addition to reworking the JOY website, collaborating on ongoing digital projects, and writing newspaper articles for syndication, John also tests older JOY recipes, creates new ones, and photographs his culinary masterpieces. His culinary focus is on Thai, Indian, and Spanish food, and he loves the challenge of putting together a well-constructed curry. John currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Megan.


Megan is the newest member of the JOY clan. After meeting John in Asheville, North Carolina, she was warmly welcomed into the family and the happy couple was married on September 29th, 2012.

Megan's culinary education began in the South, where she learned from a long line of matriarchs how to cook in the southern style. In college, she spent several years working at Spinning Spider Creamery, a small goat dairy, where she apprenticed under award-winning cheesemaker Christine Owen. Megan is JOY's resident expert in all things dairy.

After graduating with a degree in French literature, Megan worked in a bakery where she honed her pastry skills and developed a passion for high-quality baked goods of all kinds. This experience with fast-paced industrial kitchen work inspired her to create her farmer's market baking business, The Little Blue Baking Company.

Megan's work for JOY involves a little bit of everything. She is JOY's blogger-in-residence, she works with John on digital projects, newspaper articles, and food photography, and has spearheaded the Joy of Cooking's kitchen garden and flock of chickens. During her time off, she maintains a lively sourdough starter, sews, spins wool, and does yoga.