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"Me, I come from a Joy of Cooking household. I grew up with the edition of JOY that was bound in turquoise fabric and was first released sometime in the early 1960′s.  It was a primary culinary reference in our house... That book taught me to make crepes and peanut butter cookies, and one of my favorite family traditions is the yearly Christmas Eve consultation, in which we pull out my parents’ battered copy of JOY to check the turkey roasting information and plan our timing for the following day. 

The copy of JOY that I was raised with was a gift from my grandma Bunny to her new daughter-in-law, soon after my parents got married. My mother was a touch insulted at first (the implication being that she was not an able cook), but rapidly came to appreciate the utility of such a gift.

Like many things that have lived and been loved for more than 40 years, it doesn’t look the way it once did.  The dust jacket is long since gone. The front cover fell off sometime in the mid-ninties and was reattached with a wide strip of silver tape (this repair is reinforced every decade or so).  Many of the pages have been enhanced with splashes of water or oil or gravy and don’t behave entirely like paper anymore." 

--Marisa McClellan, blogger at Food In Jars and author of the book of the same name. See the full-length post here.